If you're like me, there's two things you really enjoy: high-quality, well made goods, and doing good in the world. I love the idea of purchasing a fine product with the idea that I will one day be able to pass it on to my sons, and them to their children.  I also love the opportunities I have to make the world a better place, meeting the needs of people around me, and setting a good example for my boys.  

That's why I started love-builds.  I wanted to create unique items with quality craftsmanship that families would enjoy for generations.  I also wanted to offer an opportunity for people like you to purchase those items and know that you are helping change someone’s world.  

As a young boy it always fascinated me to watch my dad turn a stack of wood into a work of art.  That’s how building became a passion of mine.  I get so much joy from designing and creating items that will become special gifts for friends and family.  I love the idea of building a table that families will eat, laugh, and cry around for years.  

Love-Builds desires to love God through our work and love people through our actions.  A portion of each purchase goes to provide a meal for someone who will otherwise go without one today. When you purchase one of our items, you don’t simply become a customer, you become a partner. Let’s work together to shine light in the dark places of this world.  Let’s partner together to change the world of individuals and families in our communities.  Together we can have an appreciation of fine craftsmanship while at the same time choosing to become a part of something bigger than ourselves.